As we continue to move closer to the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, we need to look forward to what our businesses and the world will look like after the Stay in Place Orders are done. I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure that we will be operating differently.

The one phrase that we keep hearing is "We are all in this together". Well, this has always been true for the golf industry in Ohio. I in the past not so many years ago, courses talked to each other, shared ideas, worked together. Somehow that was lost the past few years. Courses didn't talk, didn't share; they forgot that would was good for one was good for golf. Hopefully, we will come out of this terrible event with a more open view of working together to improve the golf business for everyone.

The Buckeye Golf Association has always been focused on networking. To help you network with others in the golf industry, we have created two new features on our website. Go to, click on contacts, and see two new features:

Buckeye Blog – A listing of information important to you and your business

Buckeye Sharing – This site gives you an opportunity to share questions, ideas, or answer questions. It is easy to use. Have a question; just send to us at and we will post it. To answer a question, you don't need a password, just login and enter your answer.

Take advantage of these tools to improve your business on others in the golf industry. Everyone wins!