The purpose of this statement is to clarify the Ohio Golf Course Owners Association's philosophy concerning government-owned or operated public golf facilities. It is intended to chart a constructive, rational, long-term course of action promoting fair competition between government-owned or operated and privately-owned or member-owned public golf facilities.

  • We oppose the development of new and the expansion of existing government-owned golf facilities that have the potential of displacing business from the private sector.
  • Governments already have the power to tax. Golf facilities should not be used as sources of general purpose revenue (GPR) for city, county, or state government. We do not want these governments using public sector businesses to generate revenue or to create the illusion of tax reductions or shifts. Further, the Ohio Golf Course Owners Association strongly advocates the development of new public facilities that are unique to the public domain and do not compete with the private sector. Examples would be hiking trails, public fishing areas, trail heads, wildlife propagation, wilderness facilities, bike trails, and etc. These facilities have the potential for increasing consumer activity for everyone.
  • We strongly urge that all existing government-owned public golf facilities be privatized. Further, the concessionaires at government-owned public golf facilities should be responsible for all routine operations and all taxes, maintenance, insurance and capital improvements.
  • The Ohio Golf Course Owners Association will cooperate with any group to promote the game of golf with the free enterprise system.

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