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The Ohio Golf Course Owners Association is an important organization for Ohio's golf course operators, owners, and managers. We strive to represent and protect the interests of our members on matters of policy in Ohio and nationally. We also work to provide savings opportunities to our members with the goal of easily saving you enough to cover your annual membership fee. We also continuously provide networking opportunities in Ohio with our Discussion Board.

One key example of our policy work was the OGCOA involvement in getting golf courses open and keeping them open throughout the pandemic. Imagine where we would be today if golf courses were kept closed as a non-essential business for as long as restaurants and other businesses were during the pandemic. Being open enabled us to not only avoid this huge loss of revenue, but also incur tremendous growth in rounds of golf played and revenue. Again, the OGCOA was very active in working with our state and local officials to make this happen for golf courses, teaching professionals, and everybody else who makes a living in the golf industry. 

Being a member supports this important organization and it gives you a dual membership in the National Golf Course Owners Association ( The NGCOA represents all of us at the national level and provides many additional benefits including discounts on equipment/other items, insurance options including health care, educational opportunities, and nationwide networking with other golf course owners and professionals on their Accelerate Community forum.

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