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The Ohio Golf Course Owners Association is an important organization for golf course owners , operators, managers, and everybody else who works in the Oho Golf Industry. We strive to represent and protect your interests on matters of policy in Ohio and nationally

We also provide many savings opportunities to our members including these three and many more through our affiliation with the National Golf Course Owners Association (see below for more details).                                                                                                              - Business Insurance with the U.S. Insurance Group. The members who have gone with them have saved 30-40% on their insurance.      - Minute Men HR provides help and savings with payroll, health care insurance, and worker's compensation.                                               - The SEBO Group provides help with specially tailored health care options for you and your employees. For more information on these      benefits, email or call/text Greg Harris at or 330-840-1934.

Being a member in the OGCOA also gives you a dual membership in the National Golf Course Owners Association ( which provides you a National Discussion Board and many additional savings opportunities on:                                                                      - Pepsi products - About Golf Simulators - Toro New and Used Turf Maintenance                                     -Direct TV for Business  - Rain Bird Irrigation Solutions - Yamaha Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles                                     Just go to,, to find out more about these savings opportunities and others.  

We also provide networking opportunities with other golf professionals in Ohio with our Discussion Board (see tab above).

And finally, one key example of our policy work was the OGCOA involvement in getting golf courses open and keeping them open throughout the pandemic. Imagine where we would be today if golf courses were kept closed as a non-essential business for as long as restaurants and other businesses were during the pandemic. Being open enabled us to not only avoid this huge loss of revenue, but also incur tremendous growth in rounds of golf played and revenue. Again, the OGCOA was very active in working with our state and local officials to make this happen for golf courses, teaching professionals, and everybody else who makes a living in the golf industry. 

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