Corporate Sponsors/Partners

BGA’s corporate partners are one of our most valued assets to assist in providing information, quality educational and networking opportunities for our members. Our annual budget relies heavily on the generous support of every one of our corporate member partners each year. You will find we have created a partnership package that will give you outstanding value. With nearly 200 course members, opportunities for your company’s exposure are endless.

Hover over the logos of our Corporate Sponsors/Partners below, then click on the buttons to check out their websites. If you are interested in becoming one of our Corporate Sponsors/Partners, please download the following form to learn more: pdfCorporate-Member-kit.pdf

Sponsors Aqua Doc
AQUA DOC Lake & Pond Management

John M. Wilson (President)

Sponsors Baker
Baker Vehicle Systems

Rick Baker

Sponsors Columbus Turf
Columbus Turf Nursery, Ltd

Daniel Huggett

Sponsors Froggys
Froggy’s Ball Service

Al Kidder

Sponsors Global Turf
Global Turf Equipment

Debbie Nipper

Sponsors Southeast Golf Car
South East Golf Car

John McNutt

Sponsors Vgm

Keaton Juergens

Sponsors Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek Company

Alan Clark