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The Director of the Ohio Department of Health predicts that over 40% of the Ohio population will catch the virus. So, it is extremely important that you protect yourself, employees and customers. Golf courses that I’ve talked to are saying that the local health departments are requiring:

  • Social distancing requirements for everyone on the course, parking lots and clubhouse
  • Most are requiring driving ranges, putting greens etc. be closed
  • If the clubhouse is open, all food/beverage to be carry-out only
  • If carts are used, they must be single rider
  • Have hand sanitizers available
  • Put in writing the actions you are taking to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Have proper customer signage
  • This list is some of the most common requirements; your local health department may have other requirements.

We are very lucky in Ohio to be open, many states (Michigan) are closed to golf. Therefore it is important that you pay close attention to everyone’s safety and that they are following the rules. We will beat this virus if we all work together.